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Sony considers quitting the S-LCD joint venture with Samsung

Sony, one of the two shareholders in the S-LCD Corporation, is reportedly considering selling its shares in the joint venture. The company TV division is having a hard time on the market recently and continues to lose money, which has made the Japanese giant consider leaving the S-LCD Corporation.

According to the reports, Sony has already started negotiations with the other shareholder in S-LCD Corp – Samsung. The Koreans currently own 51% of the joint venture and if the source has it correct, that Sony’s exit negotiations will be completed this year, will end up in control of the whole company in 2012.

It’s yet unclear if that will affect the other cell phone manufacturer that uses the S-LCD Corp. products, HTC. The Taiwanese are using a modified version of the S-LCD screens, called Super LCD. We also don’t know if the Sony Ericsson Reality displays use S-LCD-developed panels or not.

Recently, Sony announced that they will be buying Ericsson’s share in the Sony Ericsson joint-venture and maybe the company will use the money from the S-LCD deal for that.

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