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Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker to cost €299

Sony introduced a nicely designed Sony BSP60 Smart Bluetooth Speaker at the MWC expo a few days ago. It looks quite futuristic and offers a plethora of functions.

When the speaker is fully opened, it’s reminiscent of a retro style alarm clock. It’s not merely a speaker with a built-in amplifier which just pumps out what you feed to it, though. It’s NFC-enabled and has its own display with 4 capacitive buttons to control volume and sift through its various functions.

The “OK, Speaker” command wakes it up and it pops out its motor-driven ears, ready to obey. The BSP60 can be asked to check notifications on your smartphone, which then can be displayed on it, or better yet, it can read them out loud to you. Simple tasks like setting up alarms and checking the weather are no hitch for the multi-functional speaker either. A handy phone finder feature is also supported.

While these great capabilities sounds awesome, they will cost you a lot. As it turns out the BSP60 smart speaker will go on sale for €299. For the same cash you can opt for an Xperia M4 Aqua smartphone, or quite e decent smartwatch such as the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R.

What do you think – is the smart speaker worthy of €300 or not?



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