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Sony announces PlayStation Music powered by Spotify

Today Sony has unveiled a new music streaming service that will become available in the spring. It’s called PlayStation Music, and it will be powered by Spotify. It will be available on PS3 and PS4, as well as unnamed “Xperia smartphones and tablets”.

You may be wondering what this means for Sony’s in-house developed service called Music Unlimited. Well, nothing good as it turns out. Music Unlimited will be shut down on March 29 in all the 19 countries where it’s available. Prior to that, from February 28, all of its users with active subscriptions will get free access to the service until it closes down.

From Sony’s description of it, PlayStation Music seems to be little more than a rebranded Spotify. Spotify playlists will be in, and you’ll be able to “enjoy the service on all of Spotify’s supported devices”. So basically this is Spotify coming to the PlayStation. Listening to music from the service while playing games will be possible on your PS4.

To use PlayStation Music, you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription. Sony will offer you a way to link your PlayStation Network account to Spotify. PlayStation Music will be available in 41 markets across the world when it launches.

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