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SMS Audio’s BioSport earbuds can track your heart rate

Want a pair of headphones that pack a biometric optical sensor?

Then keep an eye out for the SMS Audio BioSport earbuds, which help to monitor your heart rate.

These sports-centric headphones will be able to “motivate and encourage” your activity levels, the headphones sense when you’re ramping up in your workout and when you’re more relaxed.

The BioSport buds also sync up your heart-rate data with Runkeeper (and offers support for the popular app out of the box), and are IPX4 certified to protect against sweat and water, so run out in the rain if you like and if you’re a more than liberal sweater, fear not.

The phones are powered by the 3.5mm jack in your phone, and come with in-line controls, so you’ll be able to navigate music tracks while you work out.

SMS Audio doesn’t plan on releasing a wireless version of the BioSports, as they believe that wired headphones are still more popular. They also wanted to avoid users having to carry an extra clip-on accessory, as some wireless options currently do.

There hasn’t been any price info released, but the BioSport earbuds should hit the market sometime in Q4 of this year.



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