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Slack introduces two-factor authentication after getting hacked

Team communication service Slack got in a bit of a pickle yesterday after the database was hacked. The hackers were able to access the stored usernames, email addresses, and passwords on the database.

Fortunately, Slack uses one-way encryption for its database, so even if the hackers got access to the data, there is no guarantee they were able to decrypt it. Slack also claims no financial or payment information was accessed or compromised in this attack.

The company is investigating the incident further but in the meantime has launched a two-factor authentication feature for users, so in case of future incidents, the attackers won’t be able to log into user accounts even if they do manage to get access to user’s username and passwords.

If you use Slack, it is highly recommend you change your and your team members’ passwords and switch to two-factor authentication immediately. More information in the link below.



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