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Skype for Web Beta is now available to everyone in the US and UK

After weeks of testing, the Skype for Web beta interface is now being rolled out for all users based in US and UK regions. The new Skype for Web beta aims to bring the official app’s functionality to the Web for competing with WhatsApp and Telegram.

Skype for Web is available for existing as well as new users to login and start using the interface for voice calls and instant messages. The new timeline view makes it easier to search for recent and old conversations. Now all you need is a Web browser and a Skype account to start making voice calls and chat.

Apparently, a plug-in needs to be installed on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox in order to make or receive a call. There is no need to scan a QR code or write a secret short code in order to gain access to Skype for Web. Just feed your login credentials and you’re good to go.

The service’s claims of supporting high quality video and voice calls will of course depend entirely on the quality of your internet connection.



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