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Sick of iTunes for managing your iPhone’s content? Try CopyTrans Manager

For all the features that iTunes offers, it’s still one of the least convenient ways of managing the content of your iDevice. Its performance is hardly spectacular, its usability is mediocre and its inability to upload files to a single device from multiple computers is downright baffling. Enter CopyTrans – a third party app that promises to allow uploading content to your iPhone/iPad/iPod without the hassle of the official Apple software.

Compatible with all iOS versions, CopyTrans lets you drag and drop single files to your iDevice. It works with music tracks, videos and even apps now so chances are you’ll only need iTunes rarely. There’s no need to sync the whole library either, so transfers are much quicker and convenient here.

The best news is that CopyTrans doesn’t require jailbreak, so there’s no risking your warranty to get it up and running.

Now, for the bad bit. The software is paid for and while it’s no Photoshop, it’s not cheap either. You’d need to shell $39.96 for the full package, while individual components (that let you transfer just one type of files) go for either $14.99 or $19.99.

Check out the brief video demo and if you think that freedom from the iTunes shackles is worth that amount follow the source link to get your copy of CopyTrans.



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