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Seidio Ledger flip case for HTC One (M8) flash review

The Seidio Ledger flip case for HTC One (M8) is an alternative to the smartphone manufacturer’s popular Dot View cover. The Ledger case aims to entice people away from HTC’s own case by offering a built-in kickstand and a credit card/ID slot.

Based in Houston, Texas, Seidio designs and manufactures cases and covers for smartphones and tablets. The company has a reputation of offering products that combine quality and ergonomics with reasonable pricing.

All about it…

The Seidio Ledger flip case for HTC One (M8) consists of polyurethane cover with cloth-like texture and soft-touch polycarbonate shell, which holds the smartphone. It features a built-in magnetic kickstand and a slot for a single credit card or an ID.

Seidio Ledger flip case for HTC One (M8) in the flesh

Seidio offers the ledger case in two color schemes – bright red and dark gray. The shell that holds the HTC One (M8) is black in both cases.

Using it…

The cover has a magnetic flap in order to stay attached to the phone. It offers unobstructed access to the handset’s connectivity ports and buttons.

Furthermore, the Ledger also features precise cutouts for the smartphone’s front-facing stereo speakers, as well as its notification light. This way you can enjoy your tunes with the cover closed.

The Seidio Ledger case is light, so it won’t add much bulk to the One’s waistline. It is grippy too – you are unlikely to accidentally drop it.

Loving it…

The Seidio Ledger case for HTC One (M8) looks great in person. The cover has a decidedly premium appearance thanks to the quality materials used in its making – it makes up for the lack of functionality compared to the HTC Dot View case.

The kickstand is amazing! A long-time Seidio staple, it is a perfect match for the HTC One (M8) and its capable stereo speakers. It allows you to fully utilize the multimedia capabilities of the device, as well as its excellent desk clock.

Hating it…

The case lacks smart cover functionality – it won’t switch the HTC One (M8) on when you flip it open. This is hardly a deal-breaker, though I firmly believe that every premium flip cover out there should have the functionality baked in.

The polycarbonate back shell is prone to smudges. The single card pocket will hardly help the Seidio Ledger case take over the duties of your wallet.

Wrapping up…

The Seidio Ledger case for HTC One (M8) is a wonderful alternative to the popular Dot View case. It makes up the lack of active notifications offered by the latter with superior build quality, superbly integrated kickstand, and good looks.

The cover is priced at $39.99 in Seidio’s online store. However, a quick look at Amazon revealed the case listed for less than $30, thus making the Ledger an even more attractive proposition.


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