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Seeing flying people over New York City doesn’t mean you’re crazy, right? [VIDEO]

New Yorkers were left to ponder their sanity the other day as three mysterious figures flew silently through the sky seemingly unaided.

An onlooker watches the three mysterious figures fly around New York

The supernatural occurrence took place not far from locales such as the Statue of Liberty as well as other well known areas around Manhattan, but how and why?

Truth be told, the occurrences that featured over the New York skyline were not of a supernatural nature, but rather to promote a movie about happenings of a supernatural nature. 20th Century Fox hired ad firm Thinkmodo (responsible for a similarly inventive ad campaign centered around ‘iPad Head Girl‘) to come up with a unique way to market their latest Sci Fi flick, “Chronicle“.

The plot follows three high school friends who gain the powers of telekinesis and flight after making an amazing discovery, but things turn sour and the three struggle to maintain their friendship and control of their new-found abilities.

Michael Krivicka, part of the Thinkmodo explains:

Since the three main characters of the movie have the ability to fly, we came up with the idea of staging a few “flying people” sightings around NYC. We achieved that illusion by having 3 custom-made aircraft (which were shaped like human beings) fly above designated areas in NYC and NJ.

It’s a neat trick and an unnerving way to advertise (by making people doubt their sanity), but clever nonetheless. Making human-shaped planes was a smart move, but would you have been fooled? Also where can we get one of those octocopters?



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