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See how the HTC One (M8) handles a dip in the water, a drop and a hammer

The HTC One (M8) went live yesterday with a bigger 5″ 1080p display, better Snapdragon 801 processor and Duo Camera but there wasn’t anything in there about water resistance.

Yet a curious YouTuber decided to put the One (M8) to the test and dip it in water for over an hour and a half. The result? Well, the One (M8) did better than an iPhone in the test. Find the video inside.

We’ve seen this before with the Moto G lasting under water without breaking a sweat and without having the water resistance advertised. Now there is a chance that the particular One (M8) in the video has undergone some nano-coating trickery but it looks plausible that HTC has gone out of its way to secure some extra protection against water, just in case.

We wouldn’t advice you to dip a non-IP-certified device in water but it is good to know the One (M8) an handle it every once and awhile.

But how does the rest of the One (M8) hardware handle abuse? A couple more videos show it put to the drop test, the keys and knife test and the hammer test to see just how resistant the metal unibody and Gorilla Glass 3 front are. The One (M8) was able to handle two drops without conceding damage to its screen but when dropped face down its glass shattered.

It seems the unibody’s brushed aluminum is very prone to scratching from both falls and sharp objects (keys and knives). The screen was able to handle all the scratching without too much of a hassle. It even took some hard knocks with a hammer before finally shattering to the hammer’s sharper backside.

So in conclusion the HTC One (M8) is pretty tough for its jewel-like exterior. The metal back and sides are quite susceptible to scratches but the glass on the display proved to be very tough. The One (M8) can even handle being submerged in water. So as long as you don’t drop the phone face down from more than 3 feet or hammer it with all the brunt you have in you it will be able to carry on its smartphoning duties.

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