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Scuba diver finds Canon DSLR with a working SD card in the Pacific Ocean, locates the owner using Google+

Photographer Markus Thompson came across a Canon EOS 1000D off the end of a wharf in Deep Bay, BC while he was scuba diving. Apparently, the camera was lying there for over a year now, since August 2010 to be precise. However, upon closer inspection, Thompson discovered that the SD card inside was still in working condition.

The SD card in question had pictures of a family vacation of some fire fighter in British Columbia and so Thompson decided to put social networking to test and find the owner to return him his images. For this he turned to Google+.

After a post describing how he found the camera it took only a couple of days for the good people on Google+ to locate the owner, a Delta Fire Fighter in British Columbia. He has been contacted and will soon be able to get back pictures of his family that he lost over a year ago.

This shows that there is still some hope left for humanity and even today people will go out of their way to help someone in need, even if they don’t know them personally. In this case it was the people on Google+ helping someone help someone else.

In case you’re wondering what SD card it was, it was a Sandisk Extreme III 20mb/s 2GB, although any other card would have survived as well. Also for those wondering why he didn’t use Facebook instead, he mentions in his post that he tried but got a lukewarm response with just one ‘Like’. At the end of the day, it’s the people that matter, not the social network in question, and it seems that the people on Google+ are just more helpful.

You can find some more details in his Google+ post in the source link.



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