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Samsung’s new S Band wearable fitness tracker surfaces

The Samung Galaxy S4′s companion, the S Band, never saw the light of retail day, but it looks like Samsung is trying again to bring the S Band to market with the release of the Galaxy S5.

The S Band fitness tracker should be released in a few months. Hit the jump below to learn more about the wearable’s features.

Don’t go counting on playing angry birds on the S Band though, as it doesn’t have a display. It’s packed with a sensor that tracks the calories you’ve burned, the steps you’ve taken, and monitors your sleeping habits.

It does have a built-in alarm that notifies you of new messages and phone calls. It also functions as a loss protection device. If your phone and S Band are more than 10 meters apart, both the phone and the S Band’s built-in tracker will sound an alarm.

Samsung will be releasing a variety of colorful rubber bands that you can place your S Band into. Expect the newest S Band to be compatible with the current crop of Samsung devices.

Anyone interested in picking one of these up?



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