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Samsung Note 3′s camera app ported to Galaxy S4

The new camera app Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Note 3 has its fair share of nifty features, and now you can enjoy them on the Galaxy S4 as well.

Galaxy S4 owners who want the latest and greatest from Samsung’s camera department can get just that, thanks to the folks over at xda-developers.

The most notable addition is that of Samsung’s own 360-degree panorama mode dubbed Surround Shot, which allows you to stitch together several shots to form your own photo sphere. Here is a video of it in action on a Galaxy S4.

The port requires your Galaxy S4 to be running Samsung’s TouchWiz-enabled Android 4.3 build – you won’t be able to get this to work on any AOSP-derived ROM. If you meet those requirements, all you have to do then is flash the zip file through a custom Recovery. Head over to the thread here for full instructions.

Although porting the app over to the S4 won’t get you the same performance, the Note 3′s camera made a good impression on us in our six-way camera shootout test, especially when it came to video recording. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out the camera interface section of our extensive Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review.



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