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Samsung’s Galaxy Pro takes a shot at the iPad

Samsung has released a slew of advertisements that have Galaxy Pro owners gloat over iPad buyers.

The ads focus on the bevy of features offered by the Galaxy Pro that Apple’s slate doesn’t have an answer for.

One of the ads focuses on the multiple user accounts feature that comes with the Galaxy Pro and other Android devices. iOS has yet to implement multiple accounts, and Samsung is sure to point that out.

In another commercial, Samsung boasts about the Galaxy Pro’s display and how it bests the iPad’s Retina unit: 2560 x 1600 vs the iPad’s 2048 x 1536 screen.

Samsung also shows off the Galaxy Tab’s ability to with multiple apps open simultaneously in split-screen mode, a feature not available in iOS.

Even Amazon’s Kindle isn’t safe from the gloating fury of Samsung. The Korean tech-giant jabbed at Amazon’s reader for its dearth of applications.

Samsung has been known to attack the competition before, and it seems to have paid off them. Do you think that they’re going to have the same success with the Galaxy Pro line of tablets? Or do you believe that Apple’s slate won’t be dethroned any time soon?

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