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Samsung’s app store is now called Galaxy Apps

Samsung will change the name of its App Store to Galaxy Apps.

As more and more consumers become familiar with the Galaxy line of phones, Samsung probably thought it was a better way to differentiate its services from other mobile app stores.

The name change will take effect on July 1st, so don’t go and freak out if you see your Samsung App Store Icon disappear from your phone.

Samsung made the announcement itself on the company’s website, and for now, it seems that the change is purely a rebranding move on the part of the Korean tech giant. All of the applications that were previously present on the Samsung App Store will be available on Galaxy Apps.

Along with the name change, Samsung will also be tweaking the layout and design of the new app store. So expect a spiffy new look and possibly redesigned UI.

Most users will probably not notice or care about the change anyway; the Google Play Store still reigns as king in terms of app downloads on Galaxy devices.

However it is interesting to see that Samsung is trying to establish their own brand of app store. With Tizen phones coming out, Samsung may try to transition some users over from Android phones to be a bit more comfortable with its upcoming Tizen models, and if the company’s popular apps are on the same platform, and the phones look and operate similarly, then they may be able to establish Tizen as a viable option in the mobile landscape.

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