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Samsung Wave gets lifetime Route 66 navigation, starts from 30 euro

Samsung’s quest on popularizing the Bada-powered Wave continues. All the Wave users are now able to get lifetime Route 66 voice-guided navigation for 30 euro. In addition they’ll get one-year free speed camera database updates.

Samsung Wave comes with Route 66 navigation preinstalled but it’s only good for a 30 days trial period. After that all Wave phones can get a lifetime license for 30 euro. That 30 euro offer however only includes one country. The Western/Eastern Europe packages cost 40 euro, while a license for all Europe is priced at 50 euro.

The license applies only for one Wave unit and can’t be transferred to another. It will last as long as you own this particular Samsung Wave.

The additional bonus you get is the one year free speed cameras updates. After the free period it costs 6 euro per year per country (or 10 euro for the entire Europe).

Route 66 on Samsung Wave

Route 66 may still not be free as Nokia’s Ovi Maps, but the price reduction is certainly a step in the right direction.

For more information follow this link from your Samsung Wave.


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