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Samsung still sending unencrypted data through its Smart TVs

Samsung came under fire recently for listening to conversations on its Smart TVs and then sending the data unencrypted over to its servers. Samsung responded by saying that the television on which this was found was an older model and newer models don’t have this issue.

Unfortunately for Samsung, the researchers at Pentest Partners found even the new TVs exhibit the same behavior. While the previous test featured the UE46ES8000 model from around two years ago, the new test featured the UE55HU7500 model launched last year and still on sale. Even on this model it was noted that data was being sent in plaintext.

The team also upgraded the firmware on the television to the latest version but to no avail as the test still returned the same result.

Samsung will need to do better than merely claim it’s televisions are secure and actually work on achieving that.



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