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Samsung SH100 digicam packs Wi-Fi, can be your Galaxy S slave

Samsung just announced the Wi-Fi-enabled SH100 ultra compact digital camera. It packs a 14 megapixel 1/2.33 CCD sensor and 5x zoom lens covering the 26-130mm range in 35mm equivalent, which sounds nice on its own. However its Wi-Fi functionality marks the start of a whole new chapter in the digicam evolution.

It’s not so much about the point-and-shoot allowing Wi-Fi file transfers per se – we’ve seen that before. It’s more about what else it does with it – for instance, you can use your Galaxy S smartphone to establish a connection to the SH100 and control it remotely. How about that?

And it’s not just remote shutter either – you also get control of the camera zoom lens with live preview of the image to be captured streamed to you Galaxy S screen. What’s more the connection works both ways – if you want you can use the handset’s GPS receiver to geotag the captured images.

Not bad for a $200 camera. The market release of the Samsung SH100 is due in March.



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