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Samsung releases source code for the Galaxy Note ICS kernel

Samsung has once again released the source code for the Galaxy Note. The difference between this release and the last one, however, is that the latest one includes the source code for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich kernel.

This should be great news for all the developers and modders who like to work on custom ROMs for this phone and the fact that it is based on ICS makes it even better.

Ever since it’s launch, the Galaxy Note has been a resounding success, despite the conflicting reviews. People who bought it clearly seem to be in love with the device. Only fly in the ointment for them remains the fact that the phone still runs on Gingerbread. With the release of this source code, that should be taken care of shortly. Meanwhile, Samsung is working on its own version of the ICS ROM, which should come with a few extra bells and whistles.



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