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Samsung may be looking to purchase Nuance, the company behind S Voice, Siri

Nuance, the folks behind the Samsung’s and Apple’s in-house voice assistant programs S Voice and Siri, as well as other commercial speech recognition applications like Dragon Naturally Speaking, are set to potentially get bought out by the Korean company.

In anticipation of the potential deal, Nuance’s market cap jumped from a valuation of $5.5 billion to almost $6 billion yesterday.

What’s interesting here is that Nuance’s speech recognition engine powers offerings from both Samsung and Apple, and could be used potentially as leverage against the other if one of the two were to control it.

There’s no word if Apple is bidding for the company too, but it’s safe to assume that there would be at least some concern in Apple’s camp if Samsung were to own the company that also provides them with key technology.

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