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Samsung keeps the ad war going – adds two more videos to its arsenal

Samsung continued its controversial (but admittedly rather funny) promo campaign of the Galaxy S II with a couple of new videos.

Just like the previous ads that we covered, these two take a dig at the die-hard Apple fans, who seem to be so detached from the world, that they would prefer spending hours in queues and even camping in front of the store, instead of getting an obviously superior product like the Galaxy S II.

We really hope that those are meant as lighthearted teases on the Samsung side and not some expression of bad feelings due to the heated court war between the Korean manufacturer and Apple. In any case, we suggest you treat them like that and enjoy the funny side of the videos. As we see it, there’s hardly need for any more hate in the mobile world than there already is.

So do you still think that Samsung has it and find those funny or do you think it’s time for them to move on to something else?



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