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Samsung’s infographic tells you why AMOLED is better than LCD

Samsung’s newest AMOLED displays on the Galaxy Tab S have received favorable reviews from everyone. But not content with just making a great display, Samsung wants you to know why it’s better in a new infographic.

The infographic, published on Samsung’s website, compares the AMOLED display to LCD and gives four reasons why the former is better than the latter. First reason is that AMOLED panels are quicker than LCD when it comes to switching pixel state and thus have a lower response time. Second, AMOLED panels have a greater contrast ratio. Third, AMOLED panels have a wider viewing angles. And lastly, AMOLED panels display more accurate colors.

Well, of course not all of that is true and you can expect some hyperbole from Samsung since the company not just uses AMOLED panels in its products but also manufacturers them for itself and other OEMs. For example, IPS panels are known to have extremely wide viewing angles and colors that have historically been more accurate than AMOLED panels, which are usually oversaturated (although that’s more down to the calibration than the panel itself).

Anyway, you can check out the complete infographic in the link below.



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