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Samsung has started production of smaller, faster 64GB embedded memory chips

There’s been a worrying trend of smartphones and tablets having very little on-board storage and no memory card slots, so this comes as a bit of good news – Samsung has already started production of new embedded memory chips for mobile devices with 64GB capacity.

The chips are built on a 10nm process and are 20% smaller than current chips, while offering 30% better performance compared to Samsung’s older models (“older” here means from five months ago).

Here are some specs on the new 64GB memory chips – random IO speed is 2,000 IOPS for writes and 5,000 IOPS for reads, while sequential IO goes up to 50MBps for writes and 260MBps for reads. For comparison, a Class 10 microSD card does 12MBps writes and 24MBps reads.

Samsung’s new 10nm 64GB memory chips use a new interface and the company will submit it for standardization next year.



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