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Samsung Gear VR to launch on December 1, according to leaked document

The Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset could finally be released on December 1, at least in South Korea. That’s what a leaked document, purported to have originated at Samsung’s customer service department, claims.

Furthermore, we even get a price to speak of. In Samsung’s home country, the Gear VR will apparently go for KRW 200,000 (which is approximately $187 or €148 at the current exchange rates).

Previously, we have heard that the Gear VR will be priced at $199 in the US, and this seems to line up with that. The document, which you can see below, reportedly is meant as a training sheet for customer service employees – so they know what to answer when people ask them things like “when will the Gear VR be out?” or “how much will it cost?”.

Of course something like this is pretty easy to fake, so do take it with a healthy dose of salt for now. If this information does pan out, however, then we should probably expect the Gear VR to make its debut in other markets as well before the end of the year (to possibly take advantage of the holiday shopping craze in the developed world).

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