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Samsung Gear 2 spotted running Android Wear

Even though the smartwatch niche is still pretty much in its infancy, Samsung has managed to already go through quite a few wearable gadgets. Some of you might remember the Gear 2. It came out back when the craze for curved displays was only beginning and is essentially a souped-up version of the original Galaxy gear, complete with camera and more number-crunching power. It was also one of the company’s first ambassadors for the Tizen OS.

One eager developer on XDA, unsatisfied with Samsung’s new OS, has managed to run Android Wear on the device. True fan dedication can go a long way, especially in a community like XDA. According to the creator of the port, it took him four months to get the device to boot into Google’s wearable platform and it is still pretty much a proof of concept.

The developer is yet to share any source code, but there are a few pretty convincing photos. Such projects often have the potential to go a long way and in the past, we have seen a lot of seemingly random devices get overwhelming attention from the modding community, like the legendary HTC HD2, for example, so, progress is worth keeping an eye on.

While looking at Android Wear booting up on the 1.64-inch Super AMOELD screen of the Gear 2, we also can’t help but remember another homebrew project, which managed to run a standard Android Launcher on the original Galaxy Gear and even launch some ordinary apps.

Since then, Samsung has updated in wearable line to Tizen, but we are happy to see that dedicated Google fans are still finding ways to use Android Wear on their devices, even if it takes a lot of painstaking work.

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