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Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch gets great repairability score in teardown

How easy are watches to repair? Mechanical watches take years for a watchmaker to learn his skill, but digital smartwatches seem to be a whole lot easier if the Samsung Gear 2 is any indication.

iFixit took it apart quite quickly and gave it a high 8/10 repairability score. That’s very impressive for a IP67-certified watch.

The most important and easy to do at home repair is changing the wrist strap. On the Gear 2, the wrist strap comes off easily since the camera has been moved on the device itself, unlike on the original Galaxy Gear.

There are four torx screws and some prying standing between you and the internals of the smartwatch. There’s not a lot inside, considering this device packs an AMOLED screen, a dual-core chipset, HD camera and a heart rate monitor.

Most components are easy to remove, except the screen which is fused into an entire assembly that will need to be replaced if the screen is damaged. Other than that, iFixit had no complaints, you can read the whole teardown here.



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