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Samsung Galaxy S6′s battery can be removed in a fiddly procedure

A much-appreciated feature of Samsung’s smartphone lineup, the user-replaceable battery, has been sacrificed in the recently announced Galaxy S6 / S6 edge pair for the benefit of premium build. It’s not all lost, however, and with the right tools and attitude the cell can be substituted.

In an ironic move by the Korean company, a battery replacement procedure is detailed in the user manual, after being explicitly stated that it’s meant for your service provider. It’s Samsung’s way of telling each and every customer that their precious Galaxy S6 is not bound for the bin, once the battery inevitably reaches the end of its life cycle.

The step-by-step instruction is somewhat vague in the beginning with step 2 being simply “Remove the back cover”. Experience from previous smartphones with similar construction points to a heated-air gun to melt the double-sided adhesive and guitar picks to separate the panel, all accompanied by an appropriate amount of patience.

Once that’s out of the way, no less than 13 screws need to be undone to remove a circuit board allowing access to the battery. To sum it all up, the possibility is there, but you wouldn’t want to do it yourself, and certainly not on a daily basis.

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