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Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are very eco-friendly and Samsung has the awards to prove it

Succeeding in the very dynamic and demanding tech market of today often requires a lot more than technological advances, beautiful design and competitive prices. People are starting to pay more attention on how their products are made, what they are made from and, most-importantly, how eco-friendly they are.

This increased consumer concern is definitely a step in the right direction and will hopefully fuel the advancement or sustainable and renewable tech. And while projects like Google’s modular ARA are taking a more radical approach to the problem, there are a lot of things any technology manufacturer can address to help and when we are talking about a giant, like Samsung, efforts usually show quick results.

The Korean giant’s latest flagship phones – the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge definitely shine as a technological advancement, but they also showcase how far the company has gone with their eco-friendly efforts. The two handsets have been awarded various eco certificates in four major markets – the US, the UK, Russia and Brazil. They are meant to praise Samsung’s efforts to use non-toxic, recyclable materials, as well as increase energy efficiency.

The smartphones have been awarded a Sustainability Product Certification (SPC) from the US-based UL (Underwriters Laboratories) as well as CO2 Measured Label from the UK Carbon Trust organization. In Russia, the phones received a Vitality Leaf from the Ecological Union and in Brazil, a quality label, from Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT).

This success is definitely not coincidental, nor is it an isolated occurrence. Even since 2004, when Samsung set up an internal “Eco-Design process” every one of its products has had to adhere to certain rules and get validated with and named “eco-grade”. In the case of the latest Galaxy models, Samsung delivers them in a package made out of 100% recycled paper and the labels are printed with soy ink, while the charger contains 20% recycled plastic.

Currently over 3000 Samsung products have obtained environmental labels in 14 countries worldwide and the company hopes to grow this number significantly in the future.

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