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Samsung Galaxy S6 active survives 12-foot drop test unscathed

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has been available for only a few days now on AT&T’s network, and keen vloggers were quick to test on camera its claim to fame. The rugged smartphone was dropped from various heights, in an decidedly unscientific manner, but sustained no visible damage nonetheless.

The test included such day-to-day accidents like dropping your phone upon taking it out of your pocket and also from head’s height when talking. The phone then meets a hard floor surface with various parts of its body, and emerges unharmed.

Our personal favorite however, has to be yawning and stretching your arms up in the air and letting go of it at that height, which is apparently something that happens to people.

All this build-up leads to the headline drop from ceiling height, which the author estimates at 12 feet, or about 3.6m for the imperially challenged. No damage is to be seen on the phone, and although he didn’t fire it up to see if it still works, there’s no reason to think otherwise.

Now, the test is far from the manufacturers’ standardized lab experiments but it does prove to a great extent that a Samsung Galaxy S6 active can survive the daily abuse it’s been designed for.


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