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Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket switches on the afterburners, ends up melting the battery

If you thought only the iPhone has over-heating battery issues then here’s something to take you out of your state of delusion. A Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket managed to get its battery so hot that it ended up melting the battery contacts.

As reported by the owners’s friend on xda-developers forum, he heard a sound, felt a burning sensation on his leg and as he pulled the phone out he could smell something burning. Then there was the fact that smoke was coming out of his pocket and the phone. Upon opening the battery cover it was revealed that the battery contacts had melted, along with scorch marks on the back of the battery cover.

Luckily for him, he didn’t sustain any injuries but the phone will need to take a trip down the service station if it ever intends to function again.

Of course in a couple of days people will forget about this. Because if it is not an Apple product, there is no need to make a big deal out of it, right?



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