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Samsung Galaxy Note stop-motion ad might be cooler than the phoneblet itself

Hey yo dawg, Samsung heard you like stop motion, so it put stop motion in your stop motion! Jokes aside, the latest Samsung Galaxy Note ad is one of the most creative bits of advertising we have seen recently and we believe you may do a whole lot worse with a minute of your life than spending it to watch it.

Even though it didn’t quite have the budget that some of the other Samsung ads had, this video of just over a minute obviously took a substantial effort to create. Now if you are not a fan of stop motion videos, you may wonder what the fuss is all about, but we kinda have a thing for that kind of clips.

According to the description, the video consists of almost 4,000 pictures stitched together and as you can see, it also required quite a lot of work with the Note’s S Pen for creating the onscreen graphics.



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