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Samsung Galaxy Gear takes on an HK 417 rifle

In the past, we have seen tech enthusiasts taking the popular gadgets for a spin in a drop test to check out the durability of the product. On the other hand, we have Richard Ryan, who blasts the devices with military weapons from his armory.

The latest victim to undergo the horror is the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which takes on the HK 417 battle rifle.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear came out unscratched, when it was dropped in water, dirt and against the pavement. However, is it possible for the device to survive a bullet from a HK 417 rifle? Let’s find out.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy Gear did not blow up into pieces but it was no match for the heavy-duty rifle. Ryan has a habit of destroying the latest technology and you can check all the newest gadgets blowing up in a slow motion in his Tech Assasin channel.



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