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Samsung compares Galaxy Tab S to iPad Air on the streets of NYC

Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy Tab S line (and specifically, in this case, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5) was filmed on the streets of New York City. The Korean company sent a representative to talk to random people and ask them what they think about the tablet.

The twist, however, is that said guy also had an iPad Air on him, and this allowed for some interesting hands-on comparisons between Samsung’s flagship tablet and Apple’s.

As you’d expect from a Samsung ad, every single person on the street seems to be in favor of the Galaxy Tab S over the latest full size iPad. We assume that people who didn’t agree with this sentiment got cut out of the video, for obvious reasons.

As you can see, the benefits touted the most for the Korean contender are that it’s lighter and slimmer than the iPad Air. At one point the screen’s brightness is also lauded, and people are being told that it sports almost one million more pixels compared to Apple’s greatest.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, make sure you read our comprehensive review of the tablet.



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