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Samsung boasts about the AMOLED displays on upcoming Galaxy tablets

Samsung’s AMOLED screen technology has always distinguished their smartphones from the competition, but the company’s recent line of tablets have utilized LCD displays as of late.

Well it looks like big Sammie has elected to go back to putting AMOLED units on their upcoming Galaxy S line of tablets.

The company has released a series of images comparing AMOLED tech to LCD as a means of promoting their new line. So what are the benefits of AMOLED displays over LCD ones? Well, AMOLED gives a better color reproduction which results in a more vibrant picture that offers more ‘punch’. Does AMOLED offer a picture perfect color reproduction? No, but it does offer deeper colors, especially blacks.

One of the many new features added to the Galaxy S line of tablets are AMOLED Cinema and AMOLED Photo modes. The new settings should take full advantage of the display so users can get the most visual bang for their buck whenever they watch videos or browse through photos on their device.

Samsung has also included a promo video that is supposed to really put the AMOLED screen on the Galaxy Tab S to the test. You can check it out below:

Are you a fan of AMOLED technology? Or do you think that it’s overrated? Let us know in the comments!



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