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Samsung announces new 6Gbps SSDs with capacities up to 512GB, should be out by the end of the year

Samsung just announced a new line of high-speed SSDs that support SATA 3.0 (6Gbps), which will be available in capacities of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Naturally, they use the 2.5″ form-factor, which is ideally suited for “high-performance OEM notebooks and tablets”.

The new drives will be replacing the old 3Gbps models by the end of the year and will offer nearly twice better performance – 500MB/s reads and 350MB/s writes, compared to the 250MB/s reads and 220MB/s writes of the old drives.

To put it in more tangible numbers, boot times are cut down to just 10 seconds and downloading 5 DVDs would only take a minute, if you had a source fast enough (certainly not the Internet).

Anyway, aside from blazing speeds the new Samsung SSDs offer 256-big AES encryption, which will keep your personal or corporate data safe. The top-of-the-line 512GB units use Samsung’s latest and most advanced 20nm MLC NAND chips.

Now, Samsung didn’t mention any pricing, but they’re not going to be cheap – SSDs never are. On the bright side, the new models should help increase the popularity of 256GB SSDs (which have 19% of the NAND-based SSD market right now) and maybe even the 512GB ones (which have a measly 0.3%).

Here’s hoping that this will bring the prices down, too.



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