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Robin Williams, World Cup and Ebola top Google’s 2014 search

It’s that time of the year when we can take time and look back at what gathered the most attention. There’s no better place to do that than Google’s search – the most popular tool on the internet.

Google has rounded off the most popular searches and stories in its rebranded Year in Search 2014, formerly Google Zeitgeist. The most searched topic on Google for 2014 was Robin Williams’ passing followed by the FIFA World Cup, the Ebola outbreak, Malaysia Airlines’ lost MH370 flight, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and many more.

It was a year full of emotions and controversy. People searched for celebrities, for the Super Bowl, Real Madrid’s conquest of the UEFA Champion’s League for the historic 10th time (La Décima) but also wanted answers for the wrongdoings in the world – the Ebola disease, the turmoil in Ukraine and the separation of Crimea, the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Interestingly people searched for “MH370 found” more than they did for “MH370 lost”.

It’s worth a look and you can find the entire breakdown done in typical material design by Google in the source link at the bottom.

Here goes a full list of the top five trending searches for people, athletes, consumer electronics and more.



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