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RIM urges people to open their eyes, takes another jab at Apple, says “Be Bold”

RIM fessed up to being behind the “Wake up!” campaign in front of an Australian Apple store and now the company is moving on to step two of its plan – a motivational (and subtly anti-Apple) message that alludes to a new BlackBerry Bold.

Found on the site, it consists of a crawling text and narration (complete with an Australian accent) and the sound of footsteps.

RIM reminds people that they’ve been “in business” since the start – and they have, for years a BlackBerry phone was the epitome of a business phone. They go on to say that “it’s time to mean business” and to do that “You don’t just think different… you do different”.

You should instantly recognize the words Think Different – it’s an old Apple slogan. This campaigned has been aimed at the iPhone maker since its beginning – maybe because RIM is feeling the heat of the iOS handset capturing more and more of its territory, the businesspeople.

Anyway, the message ends with “Wake up. Be Bold. BlackBerry”. So, there’s a very good chance there’s a new BlackBerry Bold on the horizon, but is it a BB OS 10 powered one? Maybe something like the dev unit from the beginning of this month?

You can watch RIM’s message over here. That’s some pretty aggressive campaigning from RIM, let’s see if the Canadians will actually deliver products that can live up to it.



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