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RIM says it will remove sideloaded app support from PlayBook, then says it won’t

A few days ago, RIM’s Vice President of Developer Relations Alec Saunders said on Twitter that RIM will be removing the ability to sideload apps on to the BlackBerry PlayBook for consumers. This was mainly being done to combat piracy and in Saunders’ own words because they “don’t want to duplicate the chaotic cesspool of Android market.”

Now, however, RIM is going back on its previous statement, with Saunders this time taking to the company’s blog and elaborating on what he said earlier on Twiiter while basically contradicting himself in the process.

Saunders is now saying that the ability to sideload apps will not be removed from the PlayBook, but instead they will add a new feature that will encrypt apps so that they can only be used by those who purchased it. This feature is said to arrive with the next version of the PlayBook OS update.



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