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RIM is holding a BlackBerry DevCon event this month, each attendee to get a free 16GB Playbook

BlackBerry DevCon is actually a series of three events which are going to take place in San Francisco, USA (18-20 Oct.), in Bangkok, Thailand (7-8 Dec.) and in Amsterdam, Netherlands (7-8 Feb. 2012). The first event is just two weeks ahead of us and promises to bring us lots of new stuff.

Two major things are going to happen on the San Francisco’s event – the premiere of PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 with the long-awaited Android Player and the announcement of the QNX-based smartphone OS for the future BlackBerry phones.

The QNX-based smartphone OS will be a new beginning for RIM and hopefully will help the upcoming BlackBerries be more competitive on the market. The OS name will probably change, so don’t expect it to be BlackBerry OS 8 or so. The latest rumors suggest the BBX moniker, short from BlackBerry X platform.

So, there is no point of guessing here. The conference is set to kick off in two weeks and everything will become clear by then. Today and the next few days all the eyes will be on Apple’s new iPhone(s) and iPod(s) anyway.

All the attendees in BlackBerry DevCon events will get a free BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB. You can buy tickets for the USA event from here.

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