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RIM introduces BBM Music service, beta version now available for download

Apple has their iTunes, Microsoft has Zune, Google has Music Beta. What does RIM have? Well, so far the answer was ‘nothing’. But RIM has now launched their BBM Music service to the masses and the beta version can be downloaded right now.

In case you don’t know about it, this is how it works. As a new user, you get a limited time premium subscription. After that you can choose to continue using the service as a premium user by paying $4.99 per month ($4.99 CDN, $5.99 AUD) or you can choose to go with the free subscription service. The difference between the two is that with the former you can stream entire tracks whereas with the latter you can only listen to 30 second song previews.

You can have up to 50 tracks in your account at a time and you apparently have ‘millions’ to choose from. To have more than 50 songs you will need to add some friends to your account. Once you add someone, their music is accessible to you and vice-versa.

The more friends you add the more music you can have in your account. So if you have 50 songs in your account and have 10 friends then you can have up to 550 songs. In theory at least, because we’re assuming here all ten friends will have 50 songs, 50 different songs. You can then comment on your friend’s music and also message them directly through BBM Music.

To try it out for yourself, download the BBM Music beta app here.



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