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Release version of Opera Mobile 10.1 hits Symbian^3 and 5th edition devices

The release version of the Opera Mobile 10.1 web browser has just hit the world’s most popular smartphone platform. The release version debuts the new just-in-time compilation (JIT) that should improve the Carakan JavaScript engine performance quite significantly.

In addition to providing nine times better JavaScript performance than its predecessor Opera Mobile 10.1 introduces quite a lot of new features. Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, Opera Link and password manager to name a few, plus the Opera Turbo mode that enables compression and saves you as much as 80 percent of the web traffic.

There are also some UI changes including kinetic scrolling, a virtual keyboard (including split-screen typing!) and auto-rotation to landscape.

If you want to get Opera 10.1 on your Symbian^3 or 5th edition device just follow the link. And frankly, we don’t see a reason not to.



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