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Reddit now allows embedding of comment threads

Reddit says it “isn’t just a source for news or adorable cat pictures”, but also home to “some of the most vibrant discussions happening on the Internet”. And that’s why it’s launching the ability to embed comment threads.

Embeds are obviously nothing new on the Web, as you can already do that with videos, images, and even tweets. From today, though, you can add a new thing to this list – Reddit comments.

The system works as easy as you’d expect it to, with a dedicated link for this activity showing up on a comment’s permalink page. You can optionally include a parent comment too. Embedded comments will respect the authors’ edits and deletions, of course, something that can’t happen if you simply take a screenshot of a thread (or copy and paste a comment somewhere). Naturally, embedded comments will always have a link back to to the original thread and subreddit.

The embedding feature was previously available in beta for certain testers only, but now it’s showing up for everyone on all public subreddits.

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