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Real Racing 3 will be free when it lands on Android and iOS at the end of this month

This particular news surely caught me by surprise, folks! Firemonkey’s highly anticipated Real Racing 3 video game will be available for free when it launches on Android and iOS on February 28. The word was delivered by Nick Earl – Electronic Arts’ senior vice president for mobile and social game development.

Offering the third installment of the Real Racing franchise for free is a massive departure from the norm for Electronic Arts. Usually, the game’s price has always been in the $5-10 range. Mr. Earl explained the shift in EA’s pricing strategy with the gamers’ move in “extraordinary” numbers to mobile gaming.

Of course, being able to boot the game for free likely means that there will be plenty of options to spend money on in-app purchases. There are no details on those just yet.

Real Racing 3 promises to be an epic experience for speed fans. The title will offer 900 different event and 600 total hours of gameplay at launch. More content will be added through subsequent updates.

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