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Razer Junglecat is a slide-out gaming controller for iPhone 5s

The manufacturer of gaming gear Razer released a gaming controller for Apple iPhone 5s. Dubbed Junglecat, the gadget featured a slide-out gaming pad which harks back to the days of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Razer Junglecat features a standard four-way D-pad, a duo of bumpers, and AXBY quartet of buttons. A pause button in the middle completes the setup.

When attached to iPhone 5/5s, the Razer Junglecat allows easy access to all its buttons and connectivity ports. The controller is 20 mm thin.

The gamepad will come with a dedicated iOS app which will allow users to remap and define its function buttons and their sensitivity. The app can store up to twenty personalized profiles.

The Razer Junglecat will begin shipping worldwide in four to six weeks. The gadget will cost the fairly standard for such accessory USD99.99/€99.99.



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