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Quantum super conductor + magnets = Levitation [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard of quantum superconductors? Well, you’ll want to see what they can do when you throw in some magnets. This is just the kind of thing that can result in an antigravity car, like uncle Ben and Luke rode around on Tatooine.

Check out the video to see the quantum-y levitation action:

Cool, huh? If not antigravity cars, at least it would make for some really cool docking stations for phones one day (fingers crossed).

If you’re thinking this is some sort of secret tech, it isn’t. Here’s another video that shows how the floating “UFO” thingy was made. It’s not something you can make at home (sapphire crystals, superconductive coating and liquid nitrogen are on the shopping list), but it doesn’t seem like alien technology either.

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