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Qualcomm updates its Snapdragon BatteryGuru app to version 2.0

Qualcomm has updated its BatteryGuru app that is designed exclusively for Snapdragon-powered smartphones. The chip maker’s native app enhances the battery performance, without damaging the overall experience with its optimizations.

The newest version of the BatteryGuru now comes with the improved battery management and the version 2.0 brings the all new intelligent charging recommendations.

Snapdragon BatteryGuru’s newest feature does not require any manual configurations, as the app itself learns how you use your smartphone and adjusts its settings to match your habits and preferences. However, the app requires a few days to learn about your usage pattern, before it’s all ready to go.

The latest version of the app will also now notify you when your Snapdragon powered smartphones runs out of battery juice before its usual charge time. Lastly, BatteryGuru now shows you the remaining battery percentage in the notification bar.

If you own a Snapdragon powered smartphone, you can download the latest version of the BatteryGuru app from the Google Play Store.



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