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Purported leaked packaging for the Nexus 5 reveals a white variant

Can’t get enough of the Nexus 5 leaks? Well, good news, for we have one more for you. The latest one shows what is supposedly the packaging for the phone. The very Nokia-esque blue box has the image of the phone on the front and the back next to the Google logos, with the LG logos placed on the side.

But what’s more interesting than the packaging itself is the image of the phone depicted on it. You’ll notice that it is, in fact, white in color whereas all the leaks we have seen so far, including the official image and listing on Google Play, have only shown the black model so far.

Google has traditionally offered a while version of the Nexus phone since the days of the Nexus S, so this isn’t a huge surprise but we can see what the phone would look like in this lighter shade. As you can see, the white is only limited to the back panel, with the front and sides being completely black, again, not very unlike previous Nexus phones.

With still no official launch date, it’s hard to tell just how long before this phone goes official but it’s starting to see it won’t be very long now.



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