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PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ beats Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ to become YouTube’s most popular video

Unless you spent the last four months in a Himalayan cave, you may have seen South Korean singer PSY’s video ‘Gangnam Style’ by now, several times, to the point where you don’t want to watch it ever again. A lot of people have done the same, which is why the video is now the most watched video in the history of YouTube.

The video, which at last count had 805,055,375 views since it was uploaded on July 15, 2012, just went past the previous record holder, which was Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ that at last count had 803,732,561 views but was uploaded over two years ago, on February 19, 2010.

It’s impressive how fast ‘Gangnam Style’ managed to rake in the pageviews, achieving what Bieber’s video managed in over two years in just four months, and it continues to grow and is expected to hit a billion pageviews by December 16.

And here are both the videos, in case you really were in a Himalayan cave and never watched either of them.



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