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Early Windows 10 for Phones build shows up in Chinese server logs

The release of Windows 10 for Phones is likely a long way off and most likely won’t be officially rolled out until late next year. The Chinese website does however report an interesting new OS version popping up in their logs.

These builds all share a common base version of 8.15, which rumors state are an early internal builds of the new Windows 10.

The current version of WP8.1 GDR2 Developer preview has a build number of 8.10.14203 so the 8.15 versions seem to be a completely new branch. It is however too early to speculate on any actual features of the releases or when and if it will be available to the public or at least to Developers. It is however pleasant to see that some Microsoft is actively tinkering with the new iteration of Windows Phone, which might just mean an earlier release than expected.

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