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PlayStation 2 shipments stopped in Japan after almost 13 years

After selling over 150 million units world wide since it went on sale almost 13 years ago, the old warhorse PlayStation 2, it seems, is now finally making an exit. According to Famitsu, Sony has stopped shipping the console to retailers in Japan.

The PlayStation 2 went on sale in Japan back on March 4, 2000, and was a tremendous success for the company. The popularity of this console ended up killing Sega’s Dreamcast console and even Microsoft’s original Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube didn’t stand much chance against Sony’s juggernaut. Easily the most popular game console in the world, the PS2 also has one of the biggest library of games for any platform out there.

Even after the launch of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, Sony continued to sell the PS2 worldwide. For the past few years, the PS2 has been serving as a great entry-level console for casual gamers or for kids whose parents don’t want to spend a lot. The massive library means you never really run out of games to play, either.

But it seems the dream run is coming to an end. Although there is no word on whether the stopping of shipments will occur in other markets as well, I wouldn’t really be surprised if it did.

So long, old friend. It was nice knowing you.



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